Demolition of the NAVFAC Baton Rouge Marine Reserve Center

Client: NAVFAC Southeast PWD New Orleans

Location of Project: Baton Rouge, LA

Description of Work

ARS International was awarded a sole sourced firm fixed price subcontract by NAVFAC Southeast to deactivate and demolish the 45,000 square foot Baton Rouge Marine Reserve Center, Vehicle Maintenance Facility, and Central Storage Building. As required by the Statement of Work, ARS International performed the following tasks and subtasks:

During the Site Preparation Phase, constructed a construction/silt fence around the perimeter and established authorized personnel limited site ingress/egress areas. ARS also installed active and passive SWPPP run-on/run-off controls designed to mitigate the potential release of sediments to the BTR airport Storm Sewers and inlets. Due to the project sites close proximity to the Baton Rouge Airport Authority, weekly meetings were established with the Airport Operations Manager in order to maintain complete continuity with air traffic and other on-going construction activities.

ARS performed extensive characterization and Industrial Hygiene sampling for exposure assessments for area and workers for asbestos, PCBs, silica, respirable dust and other potential hazardous materials. ARS actively conducted air monitoring of the asbestos abatement and demolition activities to ensure that releases at the project’s boundary are quantified. ARS has also implemented confirmation sampling for all ACM containment areas for unrestricted access prior to re-entry.

As part of the contract, ARS demolished and segregated materials generated from the Vehicle Maintenance Facility and General Storage building. During a routine daily inspection during slab removal of the VMB, it was observed by the ARS Team that a leaking underground storage tank and lift station existed under the Vehicle Maintenance Facility not previously shown on the as-built drawings. A visual inspection of these components found that they contained approximately 50 gallons of hydraulic fluid and that there are visible signs of staining of the surrounding soils. ARS carefully removed the tank and performed preventative soil remediation and characterization to assess the potential for regulated constituents. ARS used the analytical results to quantify the wastes and clean the surrounding soils sub-grade to LDEQ’s Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Plan (RECAP) levels for unrestricted use. After careful and proper characterization of the contaminated soils required to be removed to satisfy State of Louisiana DEQ regulations for petroleum/hydraulic fluid leaks to the environment, ARS removed approximately 300 cubic yards of soil that required excavation, characterization, packaging, transportation and disposal to a State of Louisiana licensed landfill.

ARS proactively managed the C&D, DEQ Regulated Wastes and TSCA wastes that were generated. Our waste management activities have included:

Additionally, ARS actively pursued Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention Activities as follows:

ARS completed the base contract work scope, completing all work associated with pre-mobilization, mobilization and site preparation, asbestos abatement, universal waste removal, structural demolition and removal, grading, compaction and site stabilization restoration with no accidents or lost time incidents.