LANL MTOA DP West Hazardous Material Abatement and D&D

Client: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

Location of Project: Los Alamos, NM

Description of Work

ARS International, the majority owner of ARSEC Environmental, LLC, conducted this project under LANS MTOA Task Orders, which involved the identification, characterization, removal and packaging of LLW, MLLW, LLW New Mexico Special Wastes and other wastes from the DP West Complex at TA-21, as well as the demolition, size reduction and debris disposition of 12 major structures at the TA-21 DP West Cluster. The buildings included: Building 312; Building 2; Building 313; Building 3; Building 314; Building 4; Building 315; Building 5; Building 149; Building 150; Building 31; and Building 212.

ARS technical and craft personnel identified, characterized, removed and packaged the following: Approx. 8,300 CY of LLW; Approx. 40 CY of MLLW; Approx. 340 Gallons of LLW PCBs; Approx. 375 CY of Industrial Waste; Approx. 56,000 Pounds of NM Special Waste (Asbestos); Approx. 100 Gallons of TSCA Wastes (PCBs). ARS performed the retrieval, movement, staging, and tracking of Waste Containers and conducted the repackaging of waste and the segregation of prohibited items.

ARS worked closely with the LANL DP West project management team to identify recyclable items (e.g., steam line supports, shielding blocks, etc.) that could be recycled or transferred to other sites for beneficial reuse. This was particularly challenging in that demolished items associated with a DOE D&D project are traditionally classified as contaminated debris. ARS also worked with the LANL project team to develop contingency plans that include supplying an independent source of waste containers and transportation services to support the acceleration of the DP West Cluster D&D Project. ARS also developed and maintained a Waste Tracking data base to provide detailed information to LANS for that contingency planning.

ARS provided DOE Core certified RCTs to implement the LANL RADCON program for this project. ARS also conducted perimeter air monitoring to quantify the release of radioactive materials beyond the work zone boundary. ARS installed and maintained site controls for run-on/run-off controls to comply with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and personnel access controls. In addition, ARS installed a RADCON trailer that is being used for the calibration radiological monitoring equipment and the counting of swipes and smears collected in the field. ARS also proactively maintained the roads and grounds within the project exclusion area to mitigate the release of hazardous materials to the surrounding areas.

Other critical tasks included locating, draining and removal of the DP West Acid Waste Line; the lock down and dismantling of process ventilation systems in Buildings 2, 5, 149, and 150; the demolition of remaining process systems in the basement of Building 150; and the characterization, containment and packaging of contaminated (>200,000 dpm of alpha) HEPA filters.

Additionally, ARS developed and implemented detailed plans and submittals to address all LANS required submittals; Developed a Primavera-based resource-loaded schedule for the accomplishment of all tasks and subtasks within the contracted project duration; Prepared and implemented work packages following their approval by LANS; and prepared and submitted the appropriate permits to address the abatement of asbestos and the demolition of internal process systems.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.