LANL SM-43 Administration Building D&D

Client: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

Location of Project: Los Alamos, NM

Description of Work

ARS International led a Team that was awarded a subcontract by Los Alamos National Security, LLC to deactivate and demolish the 320,000 SF LANL SM-43 Administration Building. The footprint of the structure is in the shape of an ‘H’ with a center core and two wings. The structure has four stories above ground, a basement and two sub-basements under D-Wing. As required by the Statement of Work, an ARS International led Team performed the following tasks and subtasks:

During the Site Preparation Phase, constructed a 1.5 acre compacted gravel driveway and pad that is being used for waste storage and site ingress/egress. ARS also installed active and passive SWPPP run-on/run-off controls designed to mitigate the potential release of sediments to the TA-3 Storm Sewers and inlets.

ARS conducted a significant amount of field sampling for the characterization of solid, hazardous, and radioactive wastes. These results have been used to develop waste profiles that have been submitted to the LANL Waste Coordinator. ARS has also performed extensive Industrial Hygiene sampling for exposure assessments for area and workers for asbestos, mercury, PCBs, silica, respirable dust and other potential hazardous materials. ARS conducted air monitoring of the asbestos abatement and demolition activities to ensure that releases at the project’s boundary are quantified and implemented confirmation sampling to confirm that the ACM containments are capable of being removed and the area released for unrestricted access.

ARS led the efforts to develop the State of New Mexico required NESHAPs notifications for asbestos abatement and demolition. We also prepared and electronically submitted the USEPA eNOI for Stormwater Discharges for General Construction Permit.

As part of the contract, ARS assumed the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the temporary power and lighting systems installed by LANL. ARS has maintained the operability of the temporary lighting and has, as necessary, had the temporary power panels reconfigured and relocated to support the various needs of the project.

ARS managedthe SM-43 fire protection system (e.g., fire extinguishers) and conducting the daily removal of combustible materials from the building as generated in accordance with the project Fire protection Plan under DOE Order 420.1B, Facility Safety and 440.1B, Worker Protection Program and DOE 10 CFR Appendix A 851, Fire Protection.

ARS also managed the C&D, NM Special Wastes and TSCA generated wastes. Our waste management activities included:

Additionally, ARS pursued Pollution Prevention Activities as follows:

ARS processed/crushed structural concrete and CMU for use as backfill during Site Restoration activities.