A wholly owned subsidiary of The Aleut Corporation 8(a) Certified, Small Disadvantaged Business, Alaskan Native Corporation Contracting Entities

Environmental Services

Disaster and Emergency Response Services

ARS provides a variety of Disaster/Emergency Response services to Government and Commercial clients. Examples of past response include:

  • Emergency Response PCB Spill cleanup/remediation at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • USACE New Orleans Debris Removal MATOC Contractor for the removal of debris caused by storms/natural disasters
  • FEMA trailer maintenance and deactivation of over 12,000 mobile homes for Hurricane Katrina refugees.
  • Emergency Response Radioactive Source Recovery of an 80 Curie Ir-192 source and decontamination of an oil and gas refinery.
  • Emergency Response remediation, cleanup and disposal of potential radioactive waste spilled during a traffic accident involving a tractor trailer transporting a Reactor Motor on the interstate.