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ARS has provided NORM training services to the oil and gas industry since 1993 and offers a variety of training and can design and instruct site specific training to meet any need you may have. 

40-Hour NORM Radiation Safety Officer

This fast paced course is intended to provide those new to the role of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) with the tools necessary to succeed in the role. The course uses both lecture and hand-on exercises. Topics include atomic structure, interaction of radiation with matter, radiation and contamination, radiation biology, regulations, limits, radiation detection, survey methods, dosimetry, workplace monitoring, recordkeeping, waste management, training, and the responsibilities of the RSO. It is recommended that students have a math or science background; the ability to use a scientific calculator will be a benefit. Both written and practical factors exams will be given.

8-Hour NORM Radiation Safety Officer Refresher Course

This course is intended to refresh the NORM RSO on the various responsibilities associated with the position. The course uses a combination of lecture and hand-on exercises to cover regulations, limits, dosimetry, personnel protection, survey techniques and methods, recordkeeping, licensing, and waste disposal. A written and practical factors exam is given.

8-Hour NORM Surveyor Course

This fast paced course is accepted by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) and the Texas Department of State Health Services, Bureau of Radiation Control. This course includes a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises to provide instruction in the hazards associated with NORM, personnel protection, regulatory limits, the proper use of survey instruments, and recordkeeping. A written and practical factors exam is given.