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Environmental Services

Offshore & Land Base Structure & Facility Survey

ARS routinely performs NORM surveys of offshore rigs and structures for our clients including:

  • NORM surveys of rigs and structures prior to and after a workover to ensure no existing contamination
  • Survey for NORM contamination on the rig to ensure that the rig is left in a non-NORM contaminated condition.
  • NORM surveys of down hole equipment and pipe being pulled to identify NORM contaminated pipe and equipment for State regulatory requirements.
  • NORM surveys of equipment and pipe and to ensure worker protection.
  • NORM surveys and sampling of equipment and pipe being sent to a shore base to meet US DOT shipping regulations
  • NORM surveys of rented workover equipment to ensure that NORM contaminated equipment is not being sent back to the vendor.

Our NORM Surveyors can identify the presence and magnitude of any NORM contamination. ARS NORM Radiation Safety Officers can provide workers with “Right to Know” and NORM Awareness training, assist in the preparation of required D.O.T. shipping documentation for the shipment of radioactive material and answer regulatory questions.